About Company
Tree of Life Trading is a fully licensed distributor that provides secure trading and original products in different categories for customers with special pricing options for wholesalers.
Hemp is a focused product of Tree of Life Trading. Its primary market is in Tennessee state which hemp farming is legal.

Tree of Life Trading works in partnership with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers throughout the Tennessee state to sell its products. The statistics about hemp farming show that the number of hemp Growers is increasing such as bellow which shows the importance of a distributor role.

Tennessee Growers 2018: 225 vs.Tennessee Growers 2019: 2780

We are the grower and producer of any type of hemp products.
We have the best high quality hemp flowers. We grow, hand picked and produce our own products.
We also work with a large network of the Hemp farmers in all over the united states of America.
We have the best high quality Tennessee grown hemp.

Who we are

I have worked for the re-legalization of cannabis in all its forms for 40
I originated the legal concept of ” a doctor’s recommendation” in the
original California medical marijuana law. This term became the basis
for every medical marijuana law in America.
Our lives are ours to live and the government does not have the
constitutional authority or moral position to tell us what we can or
cannot do with our own bodies or consciousness!
We are happy to see the seeds we planted mature.


C. Gary Wainwright – Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

The strain of the free hemp seeds will vary frequently, sometimes from day to day. That is why we can not tell you which strain for the free hemp seeds you will receive specificaly. Though we can say that it is one of the regular strains we offer in our seedshop.

We have built relations with leading breeders over the last decade. We constantly test the quality of the hemp seeds in collaboration with these breeders. Due to privacy issues we cannot publish any breeder details.

All feminized seeds are genetically female. Nowadays, intensive breeding programs made sure the feminized seeds are 100% stable, consistent and productive.

Autoflower hemp seeds will grow into plants which directly start to flower while growing. No need to change light cycles or anything else what so ever. A easy and rewarding way of growing hemp plants. Growing autoflower outdoors can produce two or more harvests a year. Growing inside these autoflower hemp seeds will fully mature in 10 weeks